02 setembro 2008

About the song

I've got a lot of messages asking about the song in background.
It's Forgiven (Instrumental), by Within Temptation.

I share this blog with a friend, Leo (who introduced himself some posts ago), and he has put the song in here. I think it's good to "calm down" people here, hehehe...

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holly shit!
within temptation is great
finally some gay guys with good taste

Ha..yeah,better than all that dance crap you usually find on these blogs/sites.Is anyone into Within Temptations real early stuff?,"Enter" and "The Dance" are my favourites.

hey thank god you guys are back=] i have a request.. please can you post luca's entertainment "gigolo" i've been trying to find that film for almost a year now.. would relly appreciate it.

Thanks for this instrumental - Within temptation its fabulous!!!

Dude, i love "Enter". Here in Brazil we call her "Sandy Gótica" duo to the symilar voice with the singer Sandy, lol

Their "old" stuff is amazing!

About the request: I'll take note.

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