04 setembro 2008


1º - The password is there to help prevent link deletion. AND THE DAMN PASSWORD IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POST. EACH AND EVERY POST.IN BOLD. Next time I'll make it blink in red...

2º - I won't change the server. Rapidshare is very reliable AND is easier to upload. I tried others but most of them are a pain in the ass to upload. I'm just thinking to add mirrors.

3º - The layout will change. This one is just too gay and NSFW.

4º - there's no 4.

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ha ha ha ha... gostei. Manda esses insatisfeitos pro quinto dos infernos. e o que pode ser melhor que rapidshare? eu vejo algumas críticas e simplesmente não posso acreditar. o que esses toscos pensam? sei lá... mas gostei do desabafo. foi como se dfosse eu. abraço. beto

thanks for the great posting..
whatever decisions u chose, it's allright with me!

Tinha que ser brasileiro. Grosso desse jeito! Aff!

It's great for using rapid. Thanx 4 the blog! Greetings from Hamburg, Germany, Ingo

Thanks a lot for your work. I, like many others, really appreciate what you have done.

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