02 setembro 2008


Guys, is Rapidshare good enough? Is there any other server you recommend?
Please, answer in the comments.

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I find them to be OK,my complaints would be that they can sometimes delete files very quickly,and I also seem to get alot of broken downloads with RS...but that could be my ISP?.

Rapidshare is the best! Thank you

Megaupload and MediaFire don't have download limits. I hate the Rapidshare download limits. Anyone want to buy me a premium membership?

Megaupload and Mediafire are great as well.

filefactory.com & easy-share.com are very fast!

Rapidshare is all I use. i never have any problems with that company.

Rapidshare is perfect :)

Keep posting those Treasure Island movies, they are great!! :) It would be nice if you could post the "Swallow series" from Treausere I.M. too like "Damon Blows America", "Slurppin' Jizz" etc

Thanks for this wonderful blog :)

megaupload and mediafire have download LIMITS!! alan don't tell bullshit!! they have limits at all.

rapidshare is very fast - maybe they are the fastest on the net. how fast they are you'll find out as soon you get a paid membershipment. i got one, because of this blog and i enjoy it!
... and the prices are fine too.

thanks for great work and thanks for that great blog of yours.

I guess rapidshare is by far the best...no ads, easy to use and reliable....been using it for years now....

rapidshare is good, tanks a lot for share.

I really hate radipshare because of the restrictions and because they delete files quicky.
I prefer filefactory, Megaupload or MediaFire. they are much better cos there are no limits to download.


NOTHING better than rapidshare. thanks a lot for this amazing blog. Tomy.

I like Rapidshare: it's fast and not expensive. Thanks.

rapidshare is the best ...

rapidshare is cool....

Hey there. Dont you dare changing the rapidshare server, simply because I become a premium user only to get things from your blog. Leave the way it is.

Since you asked--and I guess it's too late anyway--I have recently been having trouble with RapidShare. Sometimes a single file will take an hour to download and they seem to be generally slower than some of the other services. I personally prefer SendSpace or FileFactory. I like the way that you can "stack" downloads and forget them, while they are downloaded. But the bottom line, I suspect, is what is most for convenient for you when you are uploading your posts--if RapidShare is faster, then so be it. Thanks for asking.

Hi! I think Filefactory it's one of the bests right now. High speed and multiple downloads. VERY GOOD!

rapidshare all the way

Rapidshare is very convenient !

Phil, Paris

Yes, RS is O.K.! I had tested it for a month during August 2008 and was satisfied as in the end of August they even improved their service. And they are serious: until today I didn’t even get one spam mail from Rapidshare! After I had seen on ‘Wikipedia’ that Rapidshare meanwhile is the greatest file hoster worldwide and that they operate discretely in Switzerland I got myself now a Rapidshare one year premium membership until September 2009.

I use Rapidshare every day and am very happy with it… multiple downloads up to 16 or 18 files at the same time are no problem: within only 10 minutes all of them are on my PC (I have DSL 16.000).

Thank you very much for your beautiful movies, your tasteful website, your nice music and… keep up your good work!

Best regards,
Cris :o)

Rapidshare is the best, fast and cheap! I love it and I love your blog too!

Easyshare is pretty goog

Megaupload, plz... >_<'

Rapidshare is the best!
Thank you!

megaupload or megarotic, then sendspace and filefactory, easyshare is great as well. rapidshare is best with a membership, which not everyone has

RAPIDSHARE is the king !! God sabe the king !! hahaha xD :-D

Mediafire is the best host for free users. There are no limitaions at all.

If you don't have a premium account with rapidshare it's pretty much useless and I suppose that most users (including me)don't have a premium account.

I prefer filefactory, Megaupload or MediaFire, but rapidshare is very good

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