02 outubro 2008


Hey, guys! I bring sad news.
I am leaving the team. I hope you enjoyed the time we had together, but I can't keep with the blog anymore. I simply have no time to keep uploading and posting stuff, so I realized it's time to leave.
Don't you worry. You'll be in good hands. Well, I hope so...


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Thank you so much for your generous contributions and the endless hours you spent up-loading all of these great videos for us. The best of luck to you!


LOL I just found this place today. What luck... :\

Hi John, Oh please don't let the blog end :(

Thank you for have been with us. Hope you leave us a few messages from time to time, just to let us know how things are, okay?!

Ohh ok, then... Thanks a lot!

Thank you for everything you have done!

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