20 fevereiro 2009

FFucking FFantastic

If you're gonna try this, do it at your own risk!

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oh my, are people actually enjoying this?

HOly CRAPPP!!!! thats not for ME LOL....
but, im here to say Thanks idk for how long gaycontent its in the new adress cuz i found out today and i was really sad whem the old was close.... was there that i found the great movies, but finaly today i started looking up and i found the NEw gay content xDD and now im really happy, so thanks guys u Rox.

(PS: sorry for the inglish =(. )

Not mine either. But I still think it´s great you post various stuff, also like this. I´m sure some people enjoy it ;)

The Private Life Of Brandon Manilow has been posted once and i couldn´t find it in the blog archives. Could you poste it again? Pleeease?!

o filme The private Life Of Brandon Manilow foi postado uma vez e não consegui encontra-lo nos arquivos do blog. poderia posta-lo novamente? Por favor? e desde já, OBRIGADO

I'm not into this, but I'm sure there are people who are. Do men really enjoy getting fisted by a group of men?

otherwise known as "Has Anyone Seen My Car Keys? I've Looked Everywhere!"

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