13 março 2009

JDownloader - a quick and easy way to download your movies

What is jDownloader?

JDownloader is open source software written completely in Java. It simplifies downloading files from One-Click-Hosters like Rapidshare.com or Megaupload.com - not only for users with a premium account but also for users who don't pay. It offers downloading in multiple parallel streams, captcha recognition, automatical file extraction and much more. Of course, JDownloader is absolutely free of charge. JDownloader can import CCF, RSDF and the new DLC files, they are called containers which have“encrypted” links, so they can hide the URLs from downloads.

So what does all that mean?

The main advantage of this downloader manager is that it can read captcha (those letters you need to type on most direct download hosts as a free user), and it supports Download Containers (more about that later). It can also automatically extract the files from archives after you are done downloading.
So, if you don't have for example, a Megaupload premium account, and you have a File splited into many parts, you could copy all those links into jDownloader, go to sleep, and when you wake up, jDownloader will automatically have downloaded and extracted all the parts.
As a premium user it also supports lots of hosts, and can download with your premium login account for you.

Downloading and installing jDownloader
Go to JDownloader Website and download jDownloader from their hosts.
JDownloader also requires Java 1.5 or higher. If possible, you should use the latest Java version. You can download it from JDownloader Website.
To install JDownloader you just need to extract files from the file downloaded.

"Downloads" interface

This menu tab contains information about all current downloads. this includes information such as; how many download packages there currently is on your download list, how many links in total there is on the list, the total size for all the files on the list combined, a progress bar, a speed meter, and a total ETA for how long it will take to download. The main window to the right will in this menu display the progress of your downloads.

"LinkGrabber" interface

This menu tab is for adding download links to jDownloader. jDownloader automatically copies the content of your clipboard into the link grabber. When you have added the links you wish to add, press on the continue button.The links will then be checked to see if they are valid. The file name, size and host will be checked as well as availability status. To add all the links to the download list, click on the Add all packages button. If you do not wish to add all packages but only some, mark those you do wish to add and then click on the Add selected Package(s) button.

So, what´s DLC ?

Another huge advantage of jDownloader is its ability to read Download Containers such as DLC. A download container is basically a file containing the links to what you wish to download, however the smart thing about a container is that its encrypted. So the program can read the links and download it for you, but you can't! So for uploaders this means that their links are protected against being reported and deleted, and for downloader's it means that they can automatically download all the files easily just by activating the DLC in the program.
To open a DLC click on the "Open Containers" button in the LinkGrabber interface. This will bring forth an explorer window for finding where you have the .dlc file on your hard drive. Select the dlc and click open

The "Main" Configuration

Here you can select your default download folder, and choose to have jDownloader create a new folder in your download folder for files. You can also set how many downloads that are allowed to run parallel and set a download limit. (This can also be done at any time in the right bottom corner of jDownloader).

The "Hosts" Configuration

In here you can configure settings for various hosts. Select a host and click settings to change some settings.You can select which port you wish to use and CAPTCHA mode (I recommend leaving this on auto, this is what automatically fills in those letters you need to write in order to get the download link).

If you have a premium account for the host, you can click on the Premium Settings tab and enter your account information there.When you have entered your premium information, you will note that there is a status down in the left corner of jDownloader that shows how much download quota you have left on your account.


You can add various addons to jDownloader, but there comes one pre-installed which deserves a mention. jDownloader can automatically unrar files for you when you have downloaded them.The unrar addon can be set to unrar to a destination set by you, to delete the .rar archives when its done and can be set to automatically overwrite existing identical files.

If you go to the Password sub-tab you can make a list of passwords that it will use on the .rar file if it has a set password. If there is a password and none is set in the list, or the password need isn't on the list, jDownloader will promt you for the correct password. You can of course choose to close the promt if you wish to manually extract it later.

So everytime you see this button just click on it to download a DLC container and open it with JDownloader.

IMPORTANT: Always remind to keep the program updated, otherwise it may not work correctaly !

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Sergio - I cannot get the jdownloader to work. PLEASE just publish the rapidshare links like you used to.

jdownloader will not recognise the container...

You should update the program to it work appropriately.

That's supposed to be simple? O__O

Hello. What is the password on the RAR file?

Ooops. Found it. Nevermind *blush* ;-)

Re: | mv

What part didn´t you understand?

Ive used Jdownloader for quite some time now and it is an excellent software. You guys should try it. It's not that difficult.

wow! just what i have been looking for! thanks a lot.

This software works beyond my expectation.

Hi, i think i need some help :(
I have downloaded a film with Jdownloader. It has to parts with an extension ".rmvb" but i can not play them :( Could you please help me?

files with extension .rmvb will play with Real player

Guys...instead of this just use DLC Decrypter..Google it..it is easier...then download the files/links as usual using IDM..IDM is faster! sory JDownloader is so damn slow...

IDM doesn´t unrar and merge files automatically (also with password encrypted). IDM doesn´t read captchas for free users. IDM doesn´t let you configure your premium login account.
For all these things, Jdownloader does.

Ok, I just downloaded current version of software, and can't figure out how to use it to save my life. Going to website now to try to figure it out. But so far, not so good. I agree w/first poster -- links are just so much easier!!! Wish me luck.

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