04 março 2009

To the last man - MOVIE OF THE YEAR

'To the Last Man' - the best movie by GAYVN Awards 2009
Raging Stallion's To the Last Man swept the 11th Annual GAYVN Awards Saturday night at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, taking 13 honors including Best Picture, Best Director (Chris Ward, Ben Leon and Tony Dimarco), Best Actor (Ricky Sinz) and Best Screenplay (Dimarco). The film's Scott Tanner tied for Best Supporting Actor with Endgame's Trevor Knight.

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Please stop using linksave.in, it's hard to copy links to downloader. BTW. I appriciate your work ;)

I agree to both of the points made above. While I do appreciate all the hard work you've done, it is difficult to copy the links from linksave.in. I'm NOT SURE about the details and specifics, but what about creating folders on Easyshare and Rapidshare? That way, you just have the two links to worry about. Just a suggestion. Thanks again for all your hard work! :)

Linksave folder is a way to protect links and dont get them deleted. But you dont need to copy links to downloader. Just click on the "DLC" button and you´ll get all the links instantly. Read more about this on the other post: http://www.gaycontent.org/2009/02/new-easy-and-fast-way-to-download.html

Ok,I get your point, but it's awfull that I must use JD instead of USD ;)

I love DLC - I have been using it now for the last vids, it's so easy! I go to sleep and wake up with all downloads.

The music on this movie was very good. Thank you.

Hi, there is a problem with the file #5 by rapidshare. Can you repost that one?

the server 583.rapidshare.com is momentarily not available. we are aware of this and are working to get this resolved.

Can you post Part 2 of the movie? thanks!

wow.this film is soooooo hot. can't wait till you upload part 2. what a supersexy hot guys in this film!

I have a technical problem. I have downloaded everything, but when I try to extract it nothing happens after I enter the password. The bar that shows the progress doesn't move at all. Is it supposed to take hours to extract this? Usually when I extract a file it takes about 7 seconds.

Excelent Movie!! Thank you.

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