02 abril 2009

The Drifter - 2 discs

Winner for Best Sex Scene Duo and performer
by GayVN Awards 2009.

disc 2 / disc 1 :

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disc 2
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disc 2

Total = 1.41 gb

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disc 1
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disc 1

Total = 1.16 gb
password to extract = papukina

8 coments:

please post disc #2!!!!!

yes i wan it tooo

it was a touching first part! now i see why it won. yes please post disk 2

The second part is already there... on easyshare

Dear Sergio : the two discs are the same ( the drifter 1 in both cases...). Great great movie btw. Thanks a lot for your blog and all the movies you choose for us, and for the JDownloader, etc... thanks for all!

So actually there it is the second part, but only on easyshare. On rapidshare, it's a litle mistake, because it's the same, first part, repeated here as well. I'm sure Sergio will manage it. Thank you Sergio, you have great taste for men :)

Thanks for all the videos. Why can't I hear anything. I can see the movie, but there's not audio. Could someone help me?

The last scene is so unbelievably GOOD ! thousand thanks for this, sergio !

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