06 maio 2009

Brent´s Collection

Brent Everett is one of biggest icon for gay men. Besides adorable, sexy, hot and great porn actor, he is supporter of gay causes and doesn´t hide his sexuality from anyone. He also has a great relationship with family. In October 2008, Brent made public his plans to marry fellow gay porn star Steve Pena in a ceremony took place in San Diego, California. The two were wed in a private ceremony with both family and friends.

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Total = 1.35gb

7 coments:

All files in megaupload seem to be corrupted. A pity.

Thanks anyway

Try downloading them again. You were the 1st to say it.

part 11 on both sites are corrupt :(

Thanks for the videos though

downloaded it from rapidshare and works.

no prob AT ALL.

3 hours with brent everett!!!

part 5 was corrupt from megaupload and rapidshare. could you check again please?


There´s no problem with the files...i suggest you it download again.

Every part downloaded and joined just fine for me. Thank you for this fantastic combo video. I kinda wish you'd left the scene with Benjamin Bradley intact from start to finish instead of editing it, but hey. It's still fantastic. Thanks!

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